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Safe Places

A Safe Place is somewhere a person with a learning disability can go and ask for help if they are lost, frightened or in difficulty.  They look for the Safe Place logo being displayed in a nearby window and show their membership card there .  The card has space on the back for the member to write down the phone numbers of people they would contact in an emergency.  The staff at the Safe Place then telephone the number(s) on the card and speak to someone who knows the person and can assist. 

If you are an organisation that wants to become a registered Safe Place, please complete and return the application form.  We will arrange for you to have disability awareness training, if required, and be issued with a Safe Place sticker to display in your window.   

If you want to join the scheme, please complete and return the members registration form.  We will send you a Safe Place wristband which you can wear when you are travelling independently.  You will also get a card to write your emergency telephone numbers on.  When you go out you will need to keep the card with you in your purse, wallet or pocket.  

Aspire is a sponsor of the national website for Safe Places: Safe Places CIC.  We work in partnership with Safe Places schemes across West Yorkshire to ensure we adopt a coordinated approach to supporting people to feel safe when out and about.  There is also a free app for smart phones which you can download from the App Store or Google Play - just search for 'safe places'.

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Safe Places Info Leaflet Safe Places Info Leaflet 

Recruitment Letter - Safe Places Provider Recruitment Letter - Safe Places Provider 

Registration Form - Safe Place Provider Registration Form - Safe Place Provider 

Registration Form - Safe Place Member Registration Form - Safe Place Member 

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