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Covid-19 Information for Aspire Staff

We will update the Frequently Asked Questions as things develop during the coronavirus pandemic.


How to Work Safely in Care Homes:
Updated guidance from Public Health England which is relevant for both care homes and supported living services.


Organisational Risk Assessment:
Aspire’s organisational risk assessment: issue no. 8.0 dated 18th May 2020.


Please ensure that enhanced (full) PPE, including face masks and eye protection, is worn in accordance with our PPE – Guidance for Aspire Staff issued on 17th April 2020.

There is also guidance on how to put on/remove PPE and Public Heath England has produced a video training about the donning and doffing of PPE in social care settings.


Test and Trace:
The Test and Trace process started in England on 28th May 2020.  Workplace guidance was issued on 27th May and, also published, was advice to possible contacts.  Importantly, in this second piece of guidance, it is clear that the “guidance does not include health care workers and others working in health and social care settings, who should follow separate guidance“.  Therefore, Aspire staff should continue to operate as had been the case before Test and Trace – within our existing risk assessment processes and existing guidance to staff.


Documents :

FAQs v.2

FAQs for Aspire staff published on 14th April 2020.

PPE Usage in Health and Social Care Settings

More guidance has been shared by the government (2/4/20) about PPE usage.  Tables 1, 2 and 4 seem to be the most relevant ones for our sector.  There is a bit of a lag between the guidance issued on the 2nd and the guidance for those of us providing supporting living services.  We will keep you posted as things become clearer, but at Aspire our interpretation of the guidance is that, face masks should be worn by staff when anyone in the household is symptomatic, not just on each interaction with the symptomatic person, and that masks can be worn for more than one interaction.

Letter to Staff – 23 April 2020

Letter from Andy Rawnsley, Chief Executive of Aspire, thanking staff for their incredible dedication, flexibility, generosity and kindness and providing an update now that we are in a further period of lockdown.

Every Sip Counts …

Poster highlighting the importance of supporting people to stay hydrated during isolation and the symptoms of dehydration.

Additional Support for Palliative Care

Flyer explaining the additional support which is available from Specialist Palliative Care Community Services in Leeds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Letter to Staff – 7 May 2020

Letter from Andy Rawnsley, Chief Executive of Aspire, thanking staff for all they are doing to keep the people we support safe and providing a further update.

Aspire Organisational Risk Assessment

Aspire’s Organisational Risk Assessment – v.8 – dated 18 May 2020.

Letter to Staff – 14 May 2020

Letter from Sheila Dunham, Chair of Aspire’s Board, thanking staff for their commitment and dedication to supporting people to keep safe.

C001 – Aspire: Manager’s Absence Script

Script to support managers to collect the right information from staff affected by coronavirus.

C003 – Aspire: Outreach Support

Guidance/protocol that Aspire staff should follow when they undertake an outreach support visit.

C004 – Aspire: Supporting Someone Who Has Symptoms

Guidance for Aspire staff where a person they are supporting has symptoms of Covid-19.

C005 – Aspire: Staff Absence Reporting

Arrangements for reporting staff absence and additional action to be taken where a member of staff’s absence relates to Covid-19.

C006 – Aspire: Supporting People in their Family Home

Guidance/protocol which staff should follow when visiting someone they support who is living with carers in their family home.

C008 – Aspire: Good Housekeeping/Infection Control

Actions to be taken by staff to help control the risk of spreading the coronavirus infection together with Does and Don’ts.

C009 – Aspire: Visitors Poster Symptomatic Customer

Poster warning visitors that a person in the building is symptomatic for Covid-19.

C010 – Aspire: Visitors Poster (Red) Symptomatic Customer

Red poster warning visitors that a person in the building is symptomatic for Covid-19.

C011 – Aspire: Visitors Poster

Poster instructing visitors not to enter the building if they are symptomatic for Covid-19.

C012 – Aspire: Visitors Poster (Red)

Red poster instructing visitors not to enter the building if they are symptomatic for Covid-19.

C013 – Aspire: Visitors Hygiene

Protocol for visitors attending any service in order to maintain good housekeeping and infection control.

C017 – Cleaning & Disinfection

Public Health England cleaning and disinfection guidance poster.

C018 – Social Distancing Outside

Poster produced by the Government of Ireland on steps to be taken by all to be socially responsible when outdoors and maintain social distancing.

C019 – Hand Cleaning Techniques

NHS poster providing diagrams for hand washing: one using soap and water, the other using alcohol handrub.

C022 – Putting On and Removing PPE Safely

Guide to donning and doffing standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for health and social care settings Public Heath England poster.

C026 – Aspire: Visitors Protocol

Protocol to be adopted in respect of all visitors to any building from which Aspire is delivering a service or operating.

C027 – Aspire: Family Visitors Protocol

Protocol for family members visiting people who are being supported by Aspire staff during the Coronavirus pandemic.

C029 – Aspire: Staff Guidance PPE Table

Guidance (as at 16th April 2020 at 4:00pm) for protecting vulnerable people in our care settings, staff and families of care staff who may be vulnerable, bearing in mind that the vast majority of Aspire staff are considered to be ‘key workers’.

C030 – Eye Protection Cleaning

Guidance/protocol for Aspire staff for cleaning eye protection (safety goggles/face shields).  Please refer to C029 – PPE Staff Guidance Table for settings/circumstances in which eye protection (safety goggles) should be worn.

C031 – Aspire: Cleaning After Someone Who Has Symptoms

Staff guidance for cleaning an area once a person with suspected coronavirus has left a building.

C034 – PPE for Domiciliary Care

Public Heath England guidance on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for care workers delivering domiciliary care during sustained Covid-19 transmission.

C035 – Aspire: PPE Waste Disposal

Guidance/protocol that Aspire staff should follow whenever they are disposing of any items of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Aspire: Covid-19 Positive Employee CF50

Example of a CF50 for a member of staff who has tested positive for Covid-19.

Aspire: Manager’s Covid-19 Investigation

Letter to Staff – 22 May

Thanks to staff and an update from Andy Rawnsley as the country moves into Phase 1 of easing of the lockdown restrictions.

Letter to Staff – 5 June

Letter to staff providing an update as we begin cautiously exploring what small steps we might take towards having some form of buildings-based day service again in the future.