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11.00 – ***LD WEEK SPECIAL*** Big Sunflower Walk

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June 19, 2024 11:00 - 14:00

Wednesday 19th June – The Big Sunflower Walk!
Learning Disability Awareness Week |WEDNESDAY

The Big Sunflower Walk!

19th June
From 11am

Meet at Swinsty Reservoir car park at 11 am
Please bring your own food, drinks, and blankets and WEAR A SUNFLOWER!
Can’t make it? Join in by walking in your local area, park or garden!

* We would only cancel this event if the weather was really awful! Check the weather and bring raincoats and/or sunscreen!

Share photos to your Aspire local area Facebook Group
or Google “Facebook Aspire CBS Leeds Learning Disability Week”
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Swinsty Moor and Fewston Reservoir car park (LS21 2NP) is at the southern end of the Fewston Reservoir Embankment. Please note there is a 2.2m height barrier that should be raised at time of entry. Please check their website for further directions.